Restaurant Review: One Love Vegetarian

Great news: I got that job I wanted! As a result, I have been exploring the Spadina and Bloor area of Toronto during my lunch breaks. I’ve been eating out thus far (I haven’t yet started packing my lunches), and it has been lots of fun (obviously…).

Today’s exploration led me to One Love Vegetarian, located just North of Bloor at Bathurst and London. They focus on vegan fare. In fact, I don’t think they offer non-vegan options.

A few things struck me about the place: it is absolutely spotless (you could practically eat off the floor), the staff were really friendly, and their menu was limited. (The last observation is not necessarily a bad thing!)

It is a cute little cafe, that looks like it does mostly take-out. They offer seating for about six.

I asked the chef what he suggested, and I settled on the chickpea curry (which after tax, cost about $12).  While I felt that the price was a bit steep, I was pleasantly surprised at the very pretty dish that arrived at my table about 5 minutes later:


What you can’t see is a at least one cup of rice at the bottom of the bowl. I didn’t feel like they skimped on any component, and it was very tasty. There were actually four parts to the dish: a salad, rice, chickpea curry and fried plantains. I felt it was well balanced and the flavors weren’t overpowering. So if you are looking for a curry, it is very good, but it won’t smack you in the face and scream “CURRY!!!” at you as you eat it.

Obviously, I liked it.


As I mentioned before, they do have a limited menu. However, if the rest of their menu is as well plated, filling and tasty as what I had, it is a very worth while place to visit. (I saw several people with roti that looked very good).

I have two concerns about this restaurant: not many options under $8.00 (beyond my budget for a typical lunch), and I question how many people who are omnivores/carnivores (you know the people I’m talking about) would be tempted. I know that omnivores are not their focus, but it is a good thing to keep in mind when going out with friends.

Other than that, the food certainly looks good, smells good and tastes good to me!

Taste/yummy factor: 7/10

Filling factor: 9/10

Easy to get to: 9/10 (nearly across from Bathurst station)

Vegan friendly: 10/10

Tempting to carnivores: 4/10

Offers omnivore options: 0/10

Going back?: Yes

One Love Vegetarian Cafe on Urbanspoon

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